Scarlet Witch:

Scarlet Witch is the strongest Avenger up to date. Most of the fans don’t believe she’s been used to her full potential so there has been a lot of complaints, she only got 1 minute of screen time but she destroyed Thanos in that small amount of time, I don’t think Thanos would want to ever fight her. The only reason she did not kill him is that she got distracted by a blast.

Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel is a very strong Avenger, we would say she’s stronger than Thor but some would disagree. You can’t hide the fact that she overpowered Thanos twice. Now yes, the first time she was helped by war machine and hulkbuster. Together they took down a whole ship and they made it look easy.


Thor should be in the first place, he is the strongest avenger by far but in this movie, they made him fatter and less powerful so he did not do much against Thanos. Although he did get Mjolnir and Stormbreaker and he was not shy, he knew how to use the hammers.

Captain America:


Captain America has always been a strong Avenger but this movie took it to a new level. In this movie, he was able to lift Thor’s hammer and he basically became a god in the movie. He fought Thanos several times in the movie and it shows that Thanos does not want to fight this dude. Thanos would not find it easy to beat this guy in a fight.

These are the strongest Avengers in the Movie, in our opinion. Now you’ll find that a large amount of the fans would agree with this list. It is a shame that the strongest Avenger in the movie only got 1 minute of screen time but she’ll be getting her own movie in the near future.