Waking Up:

People on TV always wake up looking like they just walked off a magazine cover, with their hair looking perfect, all clean, dried, and no morning breath. When in reality it’s nothing like that, you wake up sleepy, your hair is a mess and you have the worst case of morning breath. A lot of people like to go and take a shower after they wake up in the morning. You are also wearing your PJ’s when you wake up.

Expensive Gifts:

People on TV always walk through the door with an expensive gift and an amazing speech that creates a feel-good scene for the movie. Whilst, in reality, it’s different, you walk through the door with an expensive gift and then people start asking you a ton of questions, How did you get this money? Why did you do this? Why have you not told me about this? Etc.

Sudden Meet Ups:

People on TV might have a misunderstanding or a falling out and then they don’t speak for a week, months, a year, or longer. And then they both go for a walk one day to a coffee shop that they both love. One day the girl is late to work so she runs into the coffee shop and she sees the person she fell out with years ago. They see each other and then talk over a cup of coffee, then everything gets fixed and they’re friends again. In reality, if you meet someone you don’t like then you’ll go out of your way to not talk with them. Even if you do end up talking, then it’ll be an awkward conversation for the most part and then you’ll go your separate ways after the coffee.


TV couples can be put into two sections, the first one, the couples that love every last detail about the other person and they never seem to fight, they always get along. The second, the couples where one of the partners would be chasing the other. One of them would ignore, bully, and just be mean to the other one but they won’t stop because of ‘Love’, he/she loves the other person too much to stop chasing them and looking like a fool. In reality, both people are equal, they both give up the same amount and sacrifice the same amount to keep the relationship going. They love each other because they just do, no one is bullying, no one knows everything about the other person.

Getting Rich:

On TV you’ll see someone who would get extremely, extremely excited then work hard for a while and then BOOM, wealth. After gaining mass wealth, the main charter will waste most of it and then for the second half of the movie they’ll be trying to get the money back. In reality, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time to build wealth, it’s not made in one night. Once they get their mass wealth, they’ll hire someone to keep an eye on it and help them turn the money they’ve earned into more money. If by some magical they manage to lose their money then casing it will only make it worse.

These were some of the things we’ve seen TV get wrong time, and time again. Most of these are classics in movies, like the main character making a lot of money or falling madly in love for someone they’ve just met. But movies are a lot more fun than the real thing so sometimes it’s nice to imagine meeting the love of your life after they helped you pick up the books you’ve just dropped and then spending your life together but reality tends to be a lot different.