We’ve made a list of the stuff that is just not worth it, it’s not worth the pain, time, or money. A few of these might surprise you, or you might already know them and use them in your day to day life. All of the ones listed below are just our opinion and there are a lot more to be listed but these are 10 of the things we don’t think are worth it.

1. Complaining

Complaining has no benefits, none at all. Actually, it’s shown to make you dumber (Seriously). Not only does it make you dumber, but it also makes you a much less interesting person. You’ll say stuff you don’t mean and just be a negative person that no one will want to be around. Why not just be nice? It’s free.

2. Taking a Career For the Money

Taking a job just for the money is a bad idea and not worth it, why? Well, the main reason is because there is more to a job than just the money. The money will not make you enjoy your job anymore, just as long as you meet your monthly payment then that’s all you need. Money is not everything, so don’t plan your life around just money.

3. Settling in a Relationship Because You’re Scared to Be Single

Getting into a relationship that you don’t enjoy is depressing, it will always feel like you’re going to fall apart and you guys just don’t have fun. It’s better to be single and hanging with your friends than it is to be in a relationship with someone you don’t like, not in that way.

4. (Most) Drugs

Most drugs are bad, does this mean you can’t smoke some pot with some friends? No, not at all but we are talking about hard drugs. They do nothing to improve your quality of life, nor are they that enjoyable so just say no to drugs and stay away from them.

5. Unprotected Sex

Does this need a description?

6. Giving Up TV to Become “Successful”

Most people think that you’ve got to work all the time and have no breaks to become successful but that’s not the case. You can watch TV daily and still become successful, it just depends on how you spend your time. If you don’t focus on your work then you’ll never archive success, not even if you give up TV.

7. Going to College Just To Get a Degree

Unless you want to become a doctor or a lawyer (or any occupation that needs a degree) you don’t need to go to college. Instead, spend 4 years learning a marketable skill and take an apprenticeship under someone who’s made a success of themselves in that industry.

8. Starting a Business (for most people)

Running a business is not easy, you never get a day ‘off’, you always have to keep an eye on what’s going on and what your employees are doing. You are always in competition with everyone in your industry trying to get the same clients and you getting paid relies on you being able to get results. All of this makes it a very stressful job that is unnecessary for most people

9. Working 80 Hours a Week

Working 80 hours a week is useless, there is no need to burn yourself out. You should enjoy the ride instead of trying to get to the end as soon as possible. Becoming successful is more like a marathon, where you have to take your time and pace yourself because it will be hard no matter how you do it.

10. Waking Up Early

Waking up early is seen as something successful people do but some of us are just not morning people so trying to wake up early will only put us in a bad mood and ruin the day.