Being late for class is something we can all relate too, the struggle of keeping a good schedule only for it to be messed up one day by you sleeping in one morning. Once you finally do get up and get to school, your teacher starts yelling at you for being late, so you’ve got to think of an excuse and most of the time it’s the same old, same old. So we’ve found some amazing excuses and stories from Quora.

Example 1)

Professor: You there! I see you didn’t attend the first day of my class?

Student: Yes, I, unfortunately, missed the first day.

Professor: I can’t allow a student to attend my class if they miss any days. This isn’t fair for the rest of the students nor myself. What is your excuse? (said in a very sarcastic tone)

Student: The birth of my son.

Example 2)

Me: Sir, may I come in?

Everyone started staring at me like I had committed the biggest sin on this planet.

He: No, just stand outside. You are late and still, you’re daring to ask me this question?!

Me: Sir, I was late due to our college staff only. They were not allowing me to come inside the college premises.

Everyone was shocked along with the instructor. They were thinking I don’t know how to give a good excuse for being late.

He: What? Are you thinking I am a fool? You’re telling a lie. How could anyone stop you from entering college?

Me: Yes, sir I am telling the truth only. Actually, checking was going on at the gate of our college, as many students from other college used to come here and they create a mess with the students of our college. And one day, our director sir found some guys playing football on the playground. That’s why checking was going on. There was a long queue outside the gate. When my turn came, they were not able to identify the real me on my identity card.

He: Again, you are making me fool. If that was your id card, then how could it be possible?

Me: I have pasted my childhood picture on my ID card and guards were matching whether it’s my photo or someone else’s. And it took so long.

Example 3)

Me: Good Morning, Sir !!

Grumpy: Not too good for you, I can tell you that.

Me: Sorry Sir !!

Grumpy: The look on your face tells that you were taken by surprise on seeing me.

Yes Sir. You look beautiful. I was mesmerized.

I muttered under my breath

Grumpy: Don’t stand there numb. You’re not attending this lecture without a valid reason, Mr. Jha.

Me: Sir, actually I woke up on time today. Everything was going the same as the routine. I ate bread with butter and.

Grumpy: I don’t want the whole story. Come straight to the point.

Me: I was caught by traffic policeman at the 34 lights.

Grumpy: And what was the reason exactly?

Me: I was driving over the speed limit, sir.

Grumpy: So?

Me: So sir, I’m actually late because of you.

Grumpy: What? Are you in your senses?

Me: Yes Sir. See. My friend texted me that you were taking the first lecture. If it wasn’t your lecture, I would have driven at normal speed. But, instead, I drove over the speed limit and eventually got challenged.

Grumpy: Ugh.

Me: So, practically you must be the one to pay my fine too. Sir?

Students: Woah !!