1. In the movie did you noticed that the gauntlet was on Thanos’s right hand? And not his left like the other movies. Now, this might be a little detail but it’s also a big thing for a company like   so there could be a hidden meaning behind this.
  2. The kid in Iron Man 3, who interacted with iron man, was shown in the funeral scene, standing just in front of Maria Hill.
  3. At the begging of the movie, Thanos talked about fulfillment and the character who got the most fulfillment was also the one who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Tony/iron man. If though Pepper is upset from his death she is not broken, as she knows that Tony would never stop being Iron man until he set things right.
  4. That shot of the female Avengers, Avengers Assemble by Cap – fan service at its best by Marvel.
  5. Redskull apparently knows everything about everyone. But no one can call out the names of Hawkeyes and black widows parents.
  6. Sacrifices made for the soul stone are supposed to be irreversible. So how is Gamora back?
  7. A glimpse of Wanda Maximoff’s powers as Scarlet Witch. Of course, she will get a movie where she will hopefully play a bigger part in the story-line and character development.
  8. Cap takes Mjolnir with him when they went to put the stones back where they were found. But does not bring it back presumably keeping it back at Asgard. Will it eventually meet its timid end at the hands of Hela or will someone?
  9. Sam getting the shield with the full consent of Bucky. This was a big thing that you might have missed as fans were split on who should be the next cap and who shouldn’t.
  10. Thor summons lightning and Iron Man channels it through his suit to hit Thanos. Well, in the first Avengers movie Thor and Iron Man fought each other and Thor hit Tony with lightning only to power up his suit to 400%. This was something that Tony did not forget.

This is a list of 10 things we think you’ve missed from the movie and some other stuff we thought you should remember. This movie was a great one with a lot of happy and sad moments but it all turned out for the best at the end.