There are a lot of things to buy, I mean Amazon has millions of products sold every week so there’s no shortage of people wanting to buy stuff. But just because you can buy stuff does not mean you should, there are a lot of products that are simply not worth the money, and we’ve made a list.

USB Pet Rock:

This product does exactly what it says on the box, it is just a rock that you plug a USB into and it does nothing, absolutely nothing. You can buy this amazing product on Amazon.

Diet Water:

Diet water is a product from Japan that promises weight loss if you drink this weater. Why does it work? Well, it doesn’t but thet company who owns the products says that there are specialised ‘peptide bonds’ in the water which helps with the weight loss. When in reality, it’s just normal water with a high cost.

Concealed Barefoot Shoes:

This product is made for when you want to go walking barefoot but you don’t want anyone to know. Theses are just a pair of shoes which has had the bottom of the shoe removed to let you feet touch the floor. But why would anyone want this?

Head Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser:

This was made so that you don’t have to carry around small packets of tisuses. Instead, you can carry a WHOLE roll of toilet paper around on your head while shopping for grocerys. This would only be good as a ‘gag gift’ for a birthday or christmas but I can’t imagine someone buying this with the intention of using it.

Fish Walker:

This invention was made with the idea of walking a fish in mind. With this product you can walk your fish around town orthe streat but why would you want to walk a gold fish? Again, this would only really be a good ‘gag gift’ but that’s about it.

Fluffy Toilet Seat Covers:

These type of toilet seats can be nice to sit on but they get dirty really fast, they also don’t provide much comfert. You don’t use the toliet for like 30 minutes a day, you don’t need a fluffy covr for your toliet seat, just sit down and finish your business.


Why? that’ s the first question that comes to mind, why would you need a product like this? Maybe if you was a kid and wanted something to laugh about, then this would be good for that but imagine getting a gift from someone and it’s pants for your hands. Now, yes I understand that these are cloves but there so so many other, cooler pairs out there.

This was just a short list of products that we’ve found online that we think you should stay away from and save your money instead of buying these products. Maybe save up for a new phone or a new video game, don’t save up for Hander Pants or any other product on this list.