Being a charming person means you can make everyone laugh and have a good time around you while also being remembered by everyone you meet. A very famous example of being a charming person is James Bond, he extremely charming and because of this, he has no problem with the ladies or males. The art of being charming is a great skill to have and it will make life so much easier in any situation.

1: The ability to keep frame, and always staying in control. This shows that you’re not scared to take control and demand respect by doing this as most people like to be followers and not leaders, they are too scared to lead. This also shows you have confidence as you like to take the lead of most situations.

2: Eye contact. Being able to hold eye contact is a skill that you should learn, the reason being is 1) it’s sexy, and 2) there is nothing charming about someone who is getting distracted all the time or are on their phone. So keep your eyes on them, this will make them feel like all your attention is on them.

3: The ability to smile. Don’t fake or forced smile, but give a genuine smile. Be real, and smile only when it’s natural. Smiling is see as attractive and people will feel good if they can make someone smile or laugh.

4: The ability to have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun and relaxed, people will be able to see if you’re not having fun and you’ll give off an awkward vibe. So be loose and have fun.

5: Making fun of yourself. Having a sense of humour is a great thing to have, people will enjoy being around you but when you take a shot at yourself, you show that you’re not easily offended and you’re not scared to laugh about yourself.

6: Body language. Always be open, don’t cross your arms but be natural with your body language. Demand your space and respect. Don’t be afraid to let a woman knows she’s pretty by using your body language.

7: Kino, or the art of touch. Like putting your hand on a women’s back when guiding her, or even something simple as a handshake. But don’t overdo it, you might be seen as creepy.

8: Be clean, and dress nice. Stand out, but not in a way that screams for validation.

9: How you speak. Now it does not really matter about what you’re saying but more how you’re saying it. Be cool and collective when speaking. James Bond is a perfect example of this.

10: Being direct. This applies to all traits. It shows others that you take what you want in life. Charming people don’t ask for stuff, when was the last time James Bond asked for something? But this does not mean you can be unpolite. Don’t be needy or unsure of yourself and you always expect more out of life than anyone else.

Being charming takes time and this is not something that can be learnt overnight but you should always continue to practice the skills listed above and it will come to you naturally, sometimes you won’t even know that you’re being charming.