From what I’ve found, Passion is the number one thing that will determine if you’ll be successful or not. Passion will keep you going through the hard times, the times when no one believes in you or when you have no money. You’ll keep at it because you are passionate about what you’re doing.


There has to be a purpose as to why you want to become successful. A lot of people wants to become successful because they think it’ll give them a better life. Money does fix a lot of problems but only financially. Being successful is different in everyone’s eyes.


The one thing all successful people have in common is that they never gave up, so you’ve got to have persistence, otherwise, you’ll be crushed by the hard times to come and the long hours that are needed to become successful.


If there is one thing that does not come easy it’s success. Success is hard to get so you’re going to have to go through some hard times to get it if that’s what you truly want. But you’ve got to be able to stick out the hard times and fix everything broken without getting annoyed, this is something not a lot of people have.


You’ll never make it big in one night, it will take weeks of hard work to archive even a little bit of success so you have to have consistency. Otherwise, someone will work harder and faster than you and steal your success.


As I’ve said many times, becoming successful is not easy, it’s very hard and takes a lot of time. But you’ve got to have focus, why? Well, without focus then you won’t ever get success. You’ve got to focus on what you’re doing and do it better than anyone else.


Dreams, otherwise know has having a vision. Without a dream then you’ll have nothing to work towards, all the most successful people in this world had dreams and were not scared to go out and get it.

If you can see your goal, you can have it. Vision is the ability to see the future, especially where it’s directly concerned with your goal. Most people will not succeed because they lack vision.


Alacrity is the opposite of procrastination. Non-smart people who take prompt action will always get ahead of smart people who procrastinate.

Hard work, consistency, persistence and focus, always get better results than genius.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.

Imagination is everything, without it you would be lost and would have no idea what you want to do. Also, imagination will help you fix problems that will come up in the future. If your imagination is good enough then you’ll have an edge on most of the world’s population.

You do not have to have everything on this list to become successful but these are just some of the traits we found in the worlds most successful people so if you want to become successful then you should practice everything on this list.