1: When shopping online, always read the 1-star reviews first.

2: If you ever see a car accident, call the police. Most people would expect someone else to do it, so be on the safe side and call them.

3: If you ever miss spell a word, don’t use autocorrect to fix it. Delete the word and write it again, this way it will stay in your memory and next time you’ll remember how to do it.

4: If you ever find your self at a friends house eating dinner you should take a smaller amount then you would normally have. You do this so that if you don’t enjoy the food then you won’t have a lot to eat but if you do like it then you’ll make the chef happy by asking for me, a win-win.

5: Before watching a movie, don’t watch the reviews, they will always ruin the movie for you.

6: Before booking a vacation online, call the agency and ask any question. They will probably give you a discount for contacting them.

7: Apply for a loan a day or two after your normal payday.

8: If you think you’ve been given the wrong number, you should ask them to say it again or you can say it to them and if they change anything then it’s probably a real number.

9: If you have an expensive pair of headphones (or any tech) then put some tape around it, just enough to make it look like it’s been repaired. No one is going to steal a broken pair of headphones.

10: If you ever get bored of your favourite song, you should search for a remix or a cover of the song. There are a lot of talented people out there and they’ll add some more life into the song.

11: Use the three-second rule when driving. After the car in front passes an object make sure it takes you around 3 seconds to pass it too. This works at all speeds.

12: Turn your lights on in inclement weather. It’s not for you to be able to see; it’s so other drivers can see you.

13: Whenever you’re finished at a restaurant or any place that serves food and drinks; don’t put your napkins in the cup, they’ll get wet and glued to the bottom then some poor employee will have to remove it (not really a life hack, just being nice).

14: Normally people care about parking close to the store but what you should care about is the trolly collect point, that’s what you’ll care about when leaving.

15: If you are power napping, or if you don’t know how too, put something in your hand and hold it, when it falls out of your hand it’s time to wake up.

These are some amazing life hacks that I’ve found online, this list contains 15 different life hacks and they are not the same ones over, and over again.